How To Choose Pellet

The European quality label for pellet, ENplus, has divided pellet in three categories, from high quality to low:

A1- first category, high quality

A2- second category. Medium quality

A3- third category, low quality

Besides this division, is very important to know the four main features of pellet: ash residue, calorific power, raw material, and aspect

  • Ash residue is the most important parameter: pellet with certification A1 has a coefficient lower than 0.7%, A2 has to be lower than 1.5%
  • Calorific power indicated on the label has to be the real one (4.7-4.8 kWh/Kg). Indication of calorific power at “anhydrous state” are misleading because they has a higher value (5.3 kWh/Kg) which is not real.
  • Raw material is another important parameter. The regulation imposes that pellet has to be made only with virgin wood which was not treated chemically. The choice of wood has no great importance: oak, spruce or beech have the same capability.
  • Aspect offer important indication. Pellet has to be compact:òklm a well-made pellet has no a lot of sawdust residue in the confection.

There are many other certification such as DINplus, FSC and ÖNORM M7135 designed to guarantee the quality of pellet.