Firewood: A Low Environmental Impact Biofuel
Firewood has an important role in producing energy for a long time now; it is an ecological fuel, considering the extremely low emission of CO2 and a cost of 14-15 euros per 100 kg.

Firewood is the most important fuel for stoves, chimney or boiler; but so that firewood can guarantee the best performances, is important the drying and maturing levels. In order to choose the best product is important to know the treatments of firewood:

  • Drying process consist in exporting the turgidity and saturation waters, submitting firewood under artificial climatic conditions, of temperature, pressure and wetness.
  • Maturing process consist in exposing wood under climatic condition of sun and wind, in order to eliminate moisture. This process has different times: from one month until one year, depending especially on the type of wood. Electronical instruments such as heat pump, ad dehumidifier help during the process.
  • Maturing process depend on the type of wood, from a month until one year, a firewood with a perfect thermal power has from 10 to 15% of moisture. In order to reach this level the cut must be done in winter seasons.

Firewood, once bought, needs few attentions, in order to increase its potential. Keep it in a close, well-ventilated place away from the rain. Financially speaking is convenient to buy a big size and cutting once bought.


22 January 2015