Nutshells, The Convenient Biofuel
Besides pellet, there is another biofuel, which has a perfect balance between price and performances: we are talking about Nutshells.

They derive from the working waste materials of the shells factories, for that reason they are completely natural and ecological. Nutshells are one of the cheapest biofuels on the market especially in comparison to pellet. As a matter of facts, the price is definitely lower than pellet, but they are available only in certain part of the year.

Despite its availability, for their low moisture coefficient and their low ash residue, nutshells are a valid substitute of pellet in presence of multi-functional stoves. Although attention need to be paid to the calorific power, which is lower than pellet.

To sum up, the real benefit of nutshells lay in the low price and their delivery comfort. Despite this product has a bigger volume than pellet, thanks to its merits, they are a perfect biofuels for every use, both domestic than industrial, ensuring an important money savings and a still high calorific performances.


22 January 2015