Convenience and Saving

Convenience and Saving

Pellet, invest in convenience
Nowadays is very important for families and companies to find the cheapest and highest performance way for heating. Use of low costs and low environmental impact energies such as pellet, guarantee a considerable saving than using the traditional heating methods. Experts claim that the saving of a pellet stove can reach 40% than a traditional one. E.g. the price of pellet, despite the growing request, is lower even than natural gas.

Convenience of pellet emerges even confronting with firewood: Pellet values is 5.0 kW per Kg versus 4.4 of firewood. Secondly, there is less water content: pellet has 8%, in comparison to firewood, which has a 50% water coefficient. Moreover, is crucial to consider the uniform size of pellet than wood.

Finally yet importantly, despite the cheaper price of firewood, the pellet delivery is easier and more efficient; it is cleaner and has a 10% higher performance and the stoves needs much less maintenance.

Cheaper, cleaner, ecological: pellet nowadays is the most convenient energy choice.


22 January 2015