How To Choose Pellet

How To Choose Pellet

Firewood Or Pellet
Choosing the best biofuel for your own stove, it’s a crucial question, which find answers only by analyzing both materials. Pellet is a combustibles derived from sawdust generally cylindrical shaped; it has a diameter from 6 mm to 8 mm, produced without thickener or additives.

Its greatest feature is the surprisingly high calorific power, higher than firewood. In a situation of equal condition and weight, the calorific power emitted is 1800 Kcal/Kg, much more than firewood, due to the drying process, which expel almost all moisture.

Moreover, the ash residue is less than 1% of its weight, which means that requires very low maintenance. This material is very clean even because does not shatter.

Concerning costs, pellet is the one of the cheapest fuels: pellet price, considering its performances, is much more convenient than fossil fuels and firewood. It is sold in small bags in order to ease the delivery.

Firewood is a natural material available in every part of the year. The firewood combustion produces many ashes but stoves maintenance is very easy. Such as pellet, this combustible produces low emissions of CO2, and is the most ecologic if we talk about manufacturing process. The flame is natural, vivid and during the combustion, the rate of moisture remain constant.

Choosing between firewood and pellet is not easy, the choice depend on situation and personal taste.


23 January 2015