The Truth About Pellet

The Truth About Pellet

Pellet: le verità che non conoscevi
Pellet stoves are spreading all over the world because of their convenience and for the cleaning and hygiene of the materials. Despite, there are false mhyts about pellet.

Pellet is a natural product which came from sawdust, dried and pressed until became cylindrically shaped. It is false the fact that, by keeping using pellet, the process of deforestation will increase. It is false. If the demand will grow that will encourage the forest protection. Is also false that pellet will be hard to find on the market: by the time that de demand will increase, will also increase the producing companies; recently the technologies make possible to turn in pellet the pruning waste.

Despite the beliefs, pellet stoves does not produce dust in rooms: smoke such as every stove goes directly out through the flue. There is no correspondence between colour and quality: it derives from the type of wood used; e.g., spruce is darker than beech.

The time of ignition and performances depends exclusively on the stove. The pellet quality is guaranteed by certifications, they ensure the non-radioactivity of the product, and analyzes the chemical and energetic features. In order to be sure of the quality, look for ENplus certification.


23 January 2015