Pellet Alternative

Pellet Alternative

A few person know that olive kernel is an important combustion material, which can replace pellet as a biofuel. Olive kernel is an agro-industrial waste material and came from olive oil factories. The separation between kernel and olive flesh happens with centrifugal force.

This material is subjected to an industrial process that has no tracks of glues or chemical solvents; making longer stoves life and being less polluting.

Choosing olive kernel presents great benefits: first, as we said is a 100% natural material, it is ecologic; during the combustion, it doesn’t emit any smell and there is a very little ash residue. Moreover, due to its small dimensions, olive kernel can be easily packed and delivered. Olive kernels have a higher specific weight than other biomasses and for these reasons is capable of more energy production. Lastly yet importantly Olive kernel is immune to mould and has a very little price on the market.


23 January 2015