Choose and select the best eco sustainable energy sources, in order to guarantee a safer tomorrow.

Eco Combustibili Biom Energy is a dynamic, young company, which is innovative in the field of distribution of thermal energy in form of bio combustibles. Eco Combustibili Biom Energy is fully involved in natural energetic sources: we proudly take care of selection and marketing of a wide range of biofuels such as wood pellet, agricultural waste materials (nutshells, almond shells, walnut shells, fruit and olive kernels, material blends), firewood, sunflower pellet and wood chips.

By carefully choosing the best quality materials, selected respecting the environmental current European regulations, Eco Combustibili Biom Energy’s purpose does not limit to products distribution: The main target of our company is to give an innovative vision in the field of heating biofuels. For us energy is not a mere instrument of everyday life, but a tangible and concrete decision for this and next generation: We make safety and sustainability non- negotiable.

Our “Credo” make us keep informed and updated about new proposal in energetic field, in order to guarantee not only the best but also innovation. For that reasons Eco Combustibili Biom Energy is a company constantly brainstorming itself in developing new products and empowering the existing ones.

Pellet, agricultural waste, firewood: Eco Combustibili Biom Energy offer every possible shapes of high calorific power biofuels, moreover it carefully commit itself in keeping the prices affordable and low.

Past is stagnant in oil, future is dynamic, renewable and full of ideas but most of all full of clean energy.

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